“Best dentist for partials and dentures in Dallas.”

A Prominent North Dallas Periodontist.

“Top 10% dentist in Dallas”

According to an Internet Review by a Major Magazine.

“You did a great job on my crown, everything feels wonderful!”
John D.

“Dr. Greenwood seems to like people and not just for the money. He’s very caring.”
Anita C.

“Everything is wonderful. My mouth feels so much better than it’s felt in a while.”
Colleen D.

“Great job. I’m very happy with my teeth.”
Estelle R.

“I really, really like what you did to my teeth. I mean it really spiffed me up. Thank you very much!”
Betty L.

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Modern Technology with an Old-Fashioned Approach

We are best known for an “old-fashioned, caring approach with new technology and techniques.” The whole office is caring, honest, creative and straight forward in their concerns for their patients and their patient’s dental health. Dr. Greenwood, like his father who practiced in this office for 33 years, has never employed a hygienist. That means that the doctor spends your entire appointment with you, instead of a hygienist doing all the work and the doctor giving you less than five minutes. You just don’t see that much anymore.